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About Us

The management and owners at Provincial Tire Distributors (PTD) have been serving the needs of tire retailers for over 25 years. Our over two decades of experience brings with it superior tire knowledge for all types of applications. Countless tire retailers have not only become longtime customers but we can proudly assert that many have become long-time friends. Experienced staff prides themselves on maintaining their technical edge as it relates to tire use and ratings. Annual training programs provide staff with the latest product knowledge so that recommendations can be supported by referenced manufacturer's guidelines. Our customers find comfort in the fact that we never over-promise and we typically over-deliver. We have received industry recognition for customer service, excellence and are proud to be members of the OTDA. Manufacturers have process partnered with us to bring the best available products and pricing to our tire retail customers. We believe in our customers who believe in what we do.

Peter and Alexa are the proud owners and operators of Provincial Tire Distributors (PTD). Their multi-decade experience in the tire business has allowed them to bring the best solutions to their customers forever forging a bond of trust and mutual respect. Together as a team they have never lost sight of what ensured their original success: taking care of all customers by treating them with honesty and integrity.

Peter and Alexa recognize that their success can only be measured by the success of the customers that continue to support them year after year. “The depth of gratitude that we hold for our customers is immense and we believe that the ultimate way to express our appreciation is to continue to provide the very best service humanly possible.”

Each new customer presents a fresh opportunity to showcase the company’s commitment to excellence. Their adoption of a leadership by example attitude allows Peter and Alexa to continue to “seize the moment” every day as they look for opportunities to bring greater levels of value to their customers.

Provincial Tire Distributors has a team of customer focused representatives in the field every business day looking for opportunities to bring value through service to its customers. Our Territory Sales Representatives understand just how busy our customers are, so when customers stop by for a meeting or visit, our Territory Sales Representatives are well prepared to answer questions, make recommendations or share suggestions on new profit generating opportunities. While they understand that their success will always be mirrored with the success of their customers, our Territory Sales Representatives are genuine in their desire to see each business in their respective territories flourish. And most importantly they are prepared to work hard to make it happen.

Being committed to excellence in service requires a broad support team. Provincial Tire Distributors is fortunate to have assembled a deeply dedicated team of Territory Service and Delivery Representatives. This highly motivated group set out each day to bring some of today’s best available tire products to some of the best tire retailers in the province. Our customers appreciate the difference that comes with seeing the same faces day after day. They don’t have to wonder who’s delivering their tires; they have a relationship with the driver and know the driver by name. Because our drivers have been trained on administrative service protocols they can also take tire returns when necessary. Our customers appreciate not having to make special arrangements with multi-national carriers just to send a tire back.

About Us With over a quarter century of tire and wheel experience your technical team at Provincial Tire Distributors have seen it all. Our annual training program ensures our team members have the latest information available and their collective decades of experience can address any problem. We’ve developed a reputation for being the “go to” supplier for all technical tire/wheel issues and we’re proud of the trust that our customers place in us.
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Barrie, ON L4N 8Z4
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